Understanding Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Solution

Sustaining a sexual activity has been the pride of nay man. Anything less than that might lead to mixed feeling of self-rejection, denial and isolation from your partner. However, the occurrence of an erectile dysfunction (ED) does not imply the end of your sexual activities. Sometimes it can be a warning of underlying disease which needs your attention. This condition should not be taken lightly due to a web of relationship with other diseases which might ruin your health.

What is ED

ED refers to a condition in which a man is not able to sustain erection long enough for sexual satisfaction. Sexual activity is underpinned by the nervous system coordinated by the brain. When a man is in a prime state of having sex, the penis nerves sends message to the brain which triggers a series of blood flow needed to harden and keep the penis in action for a sustained time. Therefore ED is a condition that leads to breakdown in information flow between the nerve ends in the penis and the brain leading to a failed erection.

Any activity or condition which leads to communication breakdown between the penis’s nerves contributes to theoccurrence of this unfortunate condition in males. ED can either be caused by physical condition, medical condition or psychological condition.

Physical Conditions Contributing to Impotency

There are four main physical conditions likely cause an ED. These are Vasculogenic, anatomical, hormonal and neurogenic. Vasculogenic physical conditions are factors leading to natural blood flow to the penis. Some of the causes of this condition include diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Hormonal conditions affect the right balance of male hormone levels such hypogonadism condition which inhibit the production of male hormones such testosterone in the body. Other hormonal conditions include hyperthyroidism associated with overproduction of thyroid hormone and hypothyroidism associated with low production of thyroid hormones in the body. Anatomical conditions are injuries leading to change of the physical structure of the penis they may include physical injuries, penis surgeries and peyronie’s disease which alters the tissues of the penis. Lastly, neurogenic conditions are factors leading to poor coordination of the nervous system responsible for triggering specific changes in the body. Some of the leading neurogenic conditions include stoke, spinal cord injuries as well as the Parkinson’s disease.

Medical Conditions Leading to ED

Certain prescribed medicines have been found to cause erectile dysfunction. Some of the leading medicines likely to trigger an ED include fibrates, diuretics, antihistamines, anti-androgens and antihypertensive among others.

Psychological Factors

Anxiety and depression are two leading psychological factors that may rob you a happy sex life. Prolonged depression interferes with your emotions which convey a wrong message to the brain frequently and this impact on the performance of the nervous system. Anxiety hyped emotions which subject one to undesirable state leading to poor coordination of the brain. A prolonged anxiety can lead to anxiety disorder which completely corrupts the nervous system and coordination essential to trigger blood flow needed to harden the penis and sustain sexual activity.

Other Factors Causing Erectile Dysfunction

A part from the three main causes, there are a few factors such as abusing illegal drugs, cycling, alcohol abuse, frequent physical exhaustion and emotional factors such as past relationship problems and sexual abuse suffered.


An effective ED treatment is rooted on the causal agent. For instance, medical conditions will require medical treatment of the underlying disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure and if a certain drug prescribed for another disease is the cause, a change of treatment method should be administered after consultation with a physician. ED can be treated medically or non-medical and this is based on what caused the condition.

Non-medical treatment methods

Some of the widely used natural treatment method for ED includes change of lifestyle which may require one to workout, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, and avoid abusing drugs and reduced cycling as well as striving to attain the right emotional balance through seeking counseling services to help you deal with one’s past life which might be haunting their present current sex life.

Medical Treatment Method

One of the popular medical treatments to ED is the administering of Phosphodiesterase-5, a drug used to boost blood flow to the penis. Also the use of sex enhancing drugs such as Viagra has been used to treat ED but should be used cautiously due to the damaging side effects associated with abuse of such drugs. As mentioned above, ED caused by underlying disease such as diabetes among others will require medical treatment of such diseases.