Clinical Studies for Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement has become one of the most debated topics of the 21 century. The industry has gone through several controversies which, as a result, have led to a number of clinical studies. The studies that have been conducted directly speaking to the possibility of using substances or external forces to enlarge the penis.

While a few doctors have come out in strong support of the penis enlargement, there are many who are completely ignorant to the subject. Much of the knowledge that exists today on this topic comes from men who have successfully used natural exercises to enlarge their penis.

The successes that they received from using these methods have led them in to giving testimonials on the how it was achieved. There is still a lot of skepticism that surrounds this topic. In the past, the art of penis enlargement was spread using word of mouth and not mainstream advertising.

Dr Brian Richards, who lives in the United Kingdom conducted studies into the subject of penis enlargement, he also published a number of books and many research papers which are directly related to male enhancement. The studies that he carried out took place in the 1970s and they were directly focused on the promoting effective ways of to enlarge the penis and expose the ones that were false.

A number of studies were carried out on a group of men for a period of three months. It was found that after completion 80 percent of the men who took part, had seen an increase in the size of their penis. The method soon came to be known as the Chatham Method.

The gains in penis length as reported by the test subjects ranged from a minimum of .94 inches to maximum of 1.4 inches. For girth, men who used the Chartham Method saw results ranging from a minimum of .55 inches to maximum of 1.2 inches.

These results are clear proof that penis enlargement is a possibility. Modest gains can be achieved if the proper methods are used.